Hoboken Hot Spot

Toll Brothers is one of the country’s largest home builders, and one of our best photography clients. Their City Living division is one of the only companies of its kind that has continued to experience growth during this economic downturn.

How do they do it? It seems they have found a niche renovating old industrial sites on the edges of major metropolitan downtowns. One example is the beautiful Naval Square in Philadelphia (our photos!).

They also have several condo buildings on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River, in Hoboken, directly across from Midtown Manhattan. One of the developments is called Hudson Tea, high-end apartments in a former Lipton Tea factory.

Over the years we’ve completed several photos shoots there. We recently did a shoot to showcase some of the detailed improvements made by Toll Brothers and the homeowners.

This shoot was part of our $95 per photo special. Check out the 28 final images the client selected in a gallery here.

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  1. nvrural says:

    Nice Photography. I just love the new development Hudson Tea. Thanks for sharing

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