One of the most fun projects we had in 2010 was photographing the year-long transformation of an old gymnasium at Bryn Mawr College into their new, state-of-the-art Bern Schwartz Fitness and Athletic Center.

Architects Buell Kratzer Powell hired us to take a series of photos from the same exact vantage points over the course of the year. The first series of shots were taken in November 2009, when the renovation was but a series of plans on paper. From a wide selection of preview shots, we conferred with those plans and tried to determine what would be the most flattering angles when the buildout was completed.

Mark returned in January, April and August of 2010 to capture scenes of the work underway, always shooting from those same spots. Because of the way we turn over equipment, the photos were taken with several different cameras, but always using Mark’s expert mosaic photo-stitching skills to capture as wide a view as needed and his HDR prowess to capture everything without using artificial lighting.

In November of 2010, a year after our first visit, we returned to the hopping facility and took final shots to showcase the work. The transformation is great.

Progress, it happens.

Happy 2011!

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