A New Blog for Docsconz

When John Sconzo came to us asking about a redesign for his long-running “musings on food and life,” we jumped at the chance to bring another person into the WordPress fold.

John, or “Docsconz,” as he’s known online, is a food enthusiast of the highest degree. An accomplished cook himself, he’s made a hobby of experiencing the best the culinary world has to offer. He’s eaten at el Bulli not once, but several times. The chef at Corton is a personal friend. He interviews participants at the Bocuse d’Or, which he attends regularly. And he blogs about all of it in an accessible, interesting way.

The old site

Early on, many food bloggers started their online writing on the TypePad platform, possibly just following others’ lead. Ideas in Food was on TypePad, Shola Olunloyo chose TypePad and so did Docsconz. However, as we’ve ranted about in the past, TypePad is not our favorite platform. Six Apart does not provide good support, and even if they did, customization of templates and styles is very limited.

Also, John wanted to be able to expand his site beyond a blog. WordPress allowed us to set up a website that features a blog on the home page, but also sports a navigation menu taking a visitor to other pages, like a set of photo galleries, and an eventual spot for special sponsors and highlighted vendors.

The migration from TypePad to WordPress is not the easiest process, but it’s not impossible. By consulting a few online guides and using some open-source software, we were able to bring over 250+ posts with categories, images, tags and authors intact.

Some kinks still exist to be ironed out, and we’ll be continuing to add new sections and features to the site, but in general, the new site is raring to go.

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  1. I’m glad you found my guide helpful! I hope John enjoys his new blog.

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