Video: Automated Parking Garage at 1706 Rittenhouse

Would you trust your car to a robot?

New residential tower 1706 Rittenhouse is an impressive structure, featuring whole-floor condominiums and unique city-wide views, but the most interesting facet of the development is hidden underground.

The building’s automated parking garage is one of only four in the U.S., and is the most sophisticated model currently offered by German manufacturing firm Wohr.

Recently tasked with capturing imagery of all of Philadelphia-based development and management company Parkway Corporation (who made this skyscraper happen, along with Scannapecio Development Corp.), Imagic decided to produce a video showcasing how this “auto auto lot” works.

The president of Quality Elevator, in charge of maintenance of the facility, took us on a ride on the robotic lifts, on which we descended below-ground and filmed the computerized parking system doing its thing. Moving cars around is no easy feat, and doing it in minimal space with zero damage to the vehicles is another step entirely.

Bottom line: the automated underground facility saves time, space and money. Check out our two-minute showcase, above.

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