Sony’s 30mm Macro Lens: Incredible Pics, Amazing Price

Our Sony a55 is always a favorite for use in still or product shots. Its in-camera HDR exposure combine feature and camera-based image stabilization make it fantastic for low-light hand-held photography. We recently outfitted the body with Sony’s f 2.8 30mm macro lens, and were blown away by the results.

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The lens is not outfitted with “modern” features – for example, it does not have a silent focus motor – but it does sport a macro ratio of one-to-one in a finely crafted piece of glass. Only available for the Alpha line, the lens is a steal at $199.

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As it’s designed for 1.5 crop-factor cameras, the 30mm effectively translates to 50mm, long a photography standard. The lens can focus as close as 2 cm, allowing great capture of food and small details. Best of all are the intangibles – this glass captures a pretty picture, with pleasing bokeh and clear colors.

[flickr id=”6283235046″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”” align=”none”]

Don’t these shots from Philadelphia’s modern Greek Opa just make your mouth water?

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