Quaker Ridge Golf Club – Integrating with ClubSys

Spring is here, and for golfers that means the season has begun. Just launched is our latest website design project: Quaker Ridge Golf Club. The Scarsdale, NY club has been around for nearly 100 years, and has a storied history, but at the close of last season they felt it was time for an update to their website.

Many private golf club websites lag behind the times in design, in part because the organizations don’t really need to advertise — they already have a built-in clientele. Current members know what the club looks like, and mostly use the site to reserve tee times and dinners, and check on upcoming events. However, a website is more than a marketing tool, it is a point of pride for companies of all kinds.

We came up with several design mockups for the Quaker Ridge team, and they selected one that filled the screen with imagery of the gorgeous grounds. We developed an iPad-friendly  full screen rotating slideshow on the landing page, as well as an interactive course tour.

Next, we had to integrate our image-rich layout with the back-end of the site, run by Jonas Systems’ ClubSys. With the help of ClubSys technicians, we successfully translated our CSS styles over to their back-end ASP-run system.

Now, Quaker Ridge management can keep everything up to date using the web-based content management system — and even add whole new pages — while still maintaining the look of the site, and members can show off their club’s snazzy look to anyone interested. Who’s ready for a short round of nine?


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