Video: Philly’s Cool Coffee Scene for Uwishunu

Philadelphia has been Imagic home base for nearly seven years now, and we’ve grown to love our home, so it was with excitement that we began work on a series of videos for, the blog of the tourism marketing arm of the city, colloquially known as Visit Philly.

Part of a larger series called Philly 101, these short videos ask well-known Philadelphians to introduce themselves and then pick something they “wish people knew about Philly.”

Damien Pileggi co-owns one of the coolest food trucks around. Rival Bros. is a coffee truck, actually, selling his own roasted beans and a myriad of hot drink options. Being coffee nerds ourselves, this was an especially interesting video to shoot.

We did a couple of on-site interviews with Damien, then took our video camera and DIY stabilizer around to several of the coffee shops he mentions to shoot b-roll (Bodhi Coffee, Elixr and Ultimo). Mark did all the capture, and I helped direct and coordinate and generally get in his way.

Back at our workstations, I edited together the narrative and placed choice b-roll clips over it appropriately. Mark cleaned up the voice over sound and color-corrected the other clips. Then he composed a custom soundtrack. We’re very happy with the results, and can’t wait to show more as they are released.

Viva la coffee scene in Philadelphia!

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