Looking at Manhattan

Bayonne Golf Club is somewhat of a modern wonder. Atop what used to be a landfill now sits an 18-hole golf course, styled after the traditional links of Scottland. Membership to the club runs near a quarter of a million dollars – what with the castle-like clubhouse, helipad, and charter ferry leaving from Wall Street – but there is also a public park and walkway, reclaiming the waterfront from industry and returning it to the town.

We’ve been working with Bayonne Golf Club for many years (a new website is about to pop up any day now), and on our most recent visit captured several aerial shots. One, of the 16th hole, recently showed up in the NJ State Golf Association magazine. The hole is special for its impressive view of Manhattan, including the Statue of Liberty along the way. Speaking of Manhattan, below is another shot Mark captured during the same flight. We’re looking forward to flying again when the Freedom Tower is complete.

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  1. These are some amazing aerial shots of Manhattan and the other aerial shots of other cities are just as breathtaking.

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