Progress in Parking

Last year, we completed a comprehensive photo shoot of Parkway Corporation‘s holdings in Philadelphia, Toronto and Baltimore.

Parkway is about more than just cars; president Rob Zuritsky recognizes that parking lots in today’s cities are just placeholders for future developments. The company will acquire a piece of prime urban land, then run it as a parking lot while working to bring partners  together for a buildout.

Liberty I and II, now an iconic part of Philly’s skyline, owe their existence to this procedure being acted out back in the 1990s. Just this month two new parking-lot-to-skyscraper projects were announced—one for a W Hotel at 15th and Chestnut and the other for a Hilton Home2 Suites at 12th and Arch.

The new website for the company showcases a lot of the photography we did, some of which is already developed sites (a huge movie theater complex in the center of downtown Toronto, for example), and some that is staying a parking lot, for now, at least.

In addition to being savvy about location, Parkway embraces new technology to keep ahead of the curve, such as the automated elevator parking lot at 1706 Rittenhouse. And now, at more than 19 surface and building lots across Philadelphia, patrons can use a mobile app called ParkMobile to reserve and pay for parking.

Before working with Parkway, we never thought parking lots could be so exciting.

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