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Sony’s 30mm Macro Lens: Incredible Pics, Amazing Price

Our Sony a55 is always a favorite for use in still or product shots. Its in-camera HDR exposure combine feature and camera-based image stabilization make it fantastic for low-light hand-held photography. We recently outfitted the body with Sony’s f 2.8 … Continue reading

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Ice Ice Baby

This may be a first, but I’m currently dancing a little jig over a Microsoft product. (Although “product” may be the wrong term, as Image Composite Editor (ICE) is a free download.) After all, I do have ICE to thank … Continue reading

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Translucent Mirrors for Lucid Shooting

[flickr id=”5867190053″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”” align=”right”] Ever since our first digital camera (the binoculars-like Kodak DC 120, in 1997) and our first pro-level model (the Nikon D1x, in 2001), we’ve traded up for a new iteration at least once a … Continue reading

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Fast Forward to Rewind

The fact that most of us now carry a camera everywhere we go – all of the time – has led to some stunning advances in imaging engineering. Stitched panoramic images, which used to be a struggle to create, are … Continue reading

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Stalk More Adorably

“Get that camera out of my… ooooh, isn’t that cute!” Perhaps the new Rollei 8x telephoto lens for iPhone 4 won’t actually help paparazzi win over celeb subjects, but it certainly is adorable. The mini F 1.1, 18mm zoom from RCP-Technik – whose name-brand Rollei was … Continue reading

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