Looking at Manhattan

Bayonne Golf Club is somewhat of a modern wonder. Atop what used to be a landfill now sits an 18-hole golf course, styled after the traditional links of Scottland. Membership to the club runs near a quarter of a million dollars – what with the castle-like clubhouse, helipad, and charter ferry leaving from Wall Street – but there is also a public park and walkway, reclaiming the waterfront from industry and returning it to the town.

We’ve been working with Bayonne Golf Club for many years (a new website is about to pop up any day now), and on our most recent visit captured several aerial shots. One, of the 16th hole, recently showed up in the NJ State Golf Association magazine. The hole is special for its impressive view of Manhattan, including the Statue of Liberty along the way. Speaking of Manhattan, below is another shot Mark captured during the same flight. We’re looking forward to flying again when the Freedom Tower is complete.

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Video: Philly’s Cool Coffee Scene for Uwishunu

Philadelphia has been Imagic home base for nearly seven years now, and we’ve grown to love our home, so it was with excitement that we began work on a series of videos for Uwishunu.com, the blog of the tourism marketing arm of the city, colloquially known as Visit Philly.

Part of a larger series called Philly 101, these short videos ask well-known Philadelphians to introduce themselves and then pick something they “wish people knew about Philly.”

Damien Pileggi co-owns one of the coolest food trucks around. Rival Bros. is a coffee truck, actually, selling his own roasted beans and a myriad of hot drink options. Being coffee nerds ourselves, this was an especially interesting video to shoot. Continue reading

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Quaker Ridge Golf Club – Integrating with ClubSys

Spring is here, and for golfers that means the season has begun. Just launched is our latest website design project: Quaker Ridge Golf Club. The Scarsdale, NY club has been around for nearly 100 years, and has a storied history, but at the close of last season they felt it was time for an update to their website.

Many private golf club websites lag behind the times in design, in part because the organizations don’t really need to advertise — they already have a built-in clientele. Current members know what the club looks like, and mostly use the site to reserve tee times and dinners, and check on upcoming events. However, a website is more than a marketing tool, it is a point of pride for companies of all kinds. Continue reading

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Candid Capture

Sometimes, when you have the right lens, right setting and right people, a candid shot turns out much better than a staged portrait.

Chef Arthur Cavaliere of In Riva, East Falls

In fact, that’s true most of the time. Professional portrait photographers take the time to set up their studio and equipment environment meticulously, just so that they can relax and joke with their subjects during the actual shoot.

The appearance of being staged is never enjoyed. The benefits of preparation are.

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Sony’s 30mm Macro Lens: Incredible Pics, Amazing Price

Our Sony a55 is always a favorite for use in still or product shots. Its in-camera HDR exposure combine feature and camera-based image stabilization make it fantastic for low-light hand-held photography. We recently outfitted the body with Sony’s f 2.8 30mm macro lens, and were blown away by the results.

[flickr id=”6282693425″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”food” align=”none”]

The lens is not outfitted with “modern” features – for example, it does not have a silent focus motor – but it does sport a macro ratio of one-to-one in a finely crafted piece of glass. Only available for the Alpha line, the lens is a steal at $199.

[flickr id=”6283226438″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”food” align=”none”]

As it’s designed for 1.5 crop-factor cameras, the 30mm effectively translates to 50mm, long a photography standard. The lens can focus as close as 2 cm, allowing great capture of food and small details. Best of all are the intangibles – this glass captures a pretty picture, with pleasing bokeh and clear colors.

[flickr id=”6283235046″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”” align=”none”]

Don’t these shots from Philadelphia’s modern Greek Opa just make your mouth water?

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