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Philly Skyline

Imagic Digital is Mark Henninger and Danya Henninger, partners in work and in life.

Both of us now spend the majority of our time writing and doing photography. Danya writes mainly about food and beer, while Mark writes about home theater — i.e. TVs and stereos. We also shoot and produce video, and Mark is a music composer.

Over the years, our firm has evolved.

In 1997, we created Imagic Digital Darkrooms as a service bureau, offering the new world of digital creative services to photographers and advertising agencies. We moved into photography ourselves, and also web design and digital programming. Then we got into storytelling, producing videos and eventually launching freelance writing careers.

You can read the long version of our story here.

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Shooting for a Good Home

“None of us are home until all of us are home.” — Project HOME

Over the past decade and a half, we’ve had to opportunity to photograph dozens, if not hundreds, of homes. From Manhattan to Miami to Monteray, most of the houses we’ve been hired to shoot fall into the “high-end luxury” category.

Project_Home_005It was especially gratifying, then, to do a shoot showcasing homes for those less fortunate. Project HOME has been helping people break the cycle of homelessness and poverty in Philadelphia since 1989. Continue reading

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Craft Beer, Craft Food, Kraftwork

Did a photo shoot for Adam Ritter’s second Philadelphia bar and came away convinced it’s an archetypal example of a Philadelphia gastropub.

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Bacon Means Family

As part of the leadup to the Philadelphia Bacon and Beer Festival, we shot a video with bacon sponsor Ari Miller of 1732 Meats. Ari is clearly passionate about what he does, but even better, so are his two daughters.

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Bacon and Beer

We’re helping organize the first annual Philadelphia Bacon and Beer Festival, a fundraiser for MANNA. Held on December 8 at the Hotel Monaco, the festival sold out in a rather crazy 30 SECONDS.

We visited participating chef Jeremy Nolen at Brauhaus Schmitz for a quick overview of his professional thoughts on bacon and beer. Check it out below.

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