Food & Wine (& Photos)

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Food & Wine’s “Best New Chefs” issue, the culinary mag partnered with Bombay Sapphire to create unique cocktail and food pairings in select cities across the country, including Philadelphia.

Kevin Sbraga was one of this year’s Best New Chef nominees, and last Tuesday, reps from the magazine and the liquor company hosted a happy hour at Sbraga (Broad and Pine Streets) to introduce the special matchup.

The above text and all photos are from my piece on

I used a single camera-fixed-lens combo the entire night, and relied on the brilliance of Camera Raw in Photoshop CC to get these results.

We are huge fans of the Adobe’s new subscription model; the incremental updates have been substantial and it’s great not to have to wait a year (until a new major version comes out) to implement them.

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Angling for View

Mark recently completed a shoot for JKR Partners architects of two movie theaters in New York City. The trick with these shots — and with nearly everything architectural in the tight confines of NYC — was to make the small spaces look comfortable and even expansive.

In Queens, the designers did a nice job of working the lines in the narrow interiors so they feel uncluttered when you’re in them, but capturing that on camera is another story entirely.

The same goes for the exteriors, this time in Brooklyn, where the theater is actually closely surrounded by other , not so attractive buildings.

Using both a wide-angle lens and a pole to achieve lift-like height, Mark was able to isolate the structure. He captured it at what some call “the magic hour,” also known as twilight.

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Progress in Parking

Last year, we completed a comprehensive photo shoot of Parkway Corporation‘s holdings in Philadelphia, Toronto and Baltimore.

Parkway is about more than just cars; president Rob Zuritsky recognizes that parking lots in today’s cities are just placeholders for future developments. The company will acquire a piece of prime urban land, then run it as a parking lot while working to bring partners  together for a buildout.

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Remembering Summer: Headhouse Market

Mark and I were so busy this summer that it seemed like the season slipped by before we could snap our fingers. In August I took my favorite food photography camera (the Sony Alpha 55, with a 2.8mm macro lens) along with me to the Sunday Headhouse Farmers Market, just off South Street, and grabbed a few photos. I’ll know I’ll enjoy checking these out when I’m shivering come February.

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Aerial Photos of Philadelphia for the Center City District

Since its founding in 1990, the Center City District organization has done wonders for downtown Philadelphia, including elevating quality of life, encouraging residential and commercial development and spurring the ongoing restaurant boom. As of the 2010 Census, Philly had the third largest downtown population in the country, coming in after New York City and Chicago with more than 57,000 residents. As two of those residents, Mark and I were thrilled when the CCD contacted us to license two of our aerial shots for marketing and promotion.

Click to enlarge

The shot above looks east, with University City and parts of U Penn and Drexel’s campus in the foreground. Just before the Schuylkill is 30th Street Station, the former Post Office (now IRS building) and the Cira Centre. Then comes Center City, with its distinctive Liberty One and Two towers and Billy Penn atop City Hall. You can see the Ben Franklin Bridge, and beyond the Delaware River lies Camden and the rest of New Jersey.

Click to embiggen

The second image the CCD chose from our Philly aerials library looks northwest. At the bottom of the shot is the Kimmel Center and the gorgeous Beaux Arts Drake and Bellevue buildings. City Hall is prominent in the mid-right of the photo, followed by Liberty Place, the Comcast Center and then the Art Museum, as your eye is led along the Schuylkill River, winding its way through Fairmount Park.

Helicopters sure are fun. Special thanks to our client Brandywine Realty Trust, who sent the CCD our way.


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